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Smartfood Agro is an agro industrial firm whose leitmotiv is using the smartness of sustainable developpement to implement a sustained developement of african countries.

Our activities involves waste recycling and agricultural and farming food products.

We are currently searching for financial assistance in order to implement all the aspects of our activity.

Nihil creatur, nihil destruitur, omnia evolvuntur.

About us

What initially apeared as a simple idiea, turned out to be a terrific project and an agro industrial start-up full of potential.

Our part in improving african sustainable development

Cardioprotective Fat (feed)

Black soldier fly larvae are a very richsource of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which improves healty developement of farm nimals suchas poultry and pigs. The larvae are a good supplement in animal farming in regards to fatty acids.

Balanced feed

Black soldier fly larvae are a very good source of nutrience procuring a balance died to livestock, in particular poultry and pigs.

Balanced diet

Rice and wheat are a good source of carbohydrates which are the main source of a balanced diet. Pigs and poultry is a source of meat with high demand in growing african cities.

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Please take the opportunity to be a part with us to this adventure full of perspectives, in view of the sustainable developpement of afican countries based on fulfiling the food needs.