Which products do we offer

Cardioprotective Fat (feed)

Black soldier fly larvae are a very richsource of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which improves healty developement of farm nimals suchas poultry and pigs. The larvae are a good supplement in animal farming in regards to fatty acids.

Balanced feed

Black soldier fly larvae are a very good source of nutrience procuring a balance died to livestock, in particular poultry and pigs.

Balanced diet

Rice and wheat are a good source of carbohydrates which are the main source of a balanced diet. Pigs and poultry is a source of meat with high demand in growing african cities.


At Smartfood Agro, we also intend to develop fish farming to improve further the quality and freshness of those products in african growing cities.

As well as

The increasing meed growing needs may be met also with poultry, thus, we further intend to develop such production, including chicken meat and eggs.

And also

Another raising project at smarfood is developing a production of microalgae, o as to haveadditional food supplement feed and food, and therefore improve the development of african growong cities by meeting directly thenutritional needs an/or inderectlyy throug the feed of the livestock.

The microalgae have the advntage of having carbon dioxyde as source of carbon and the sun as a source of energy, which makes it very interesting.

Our ongoing projects

  • Pig farm

  • Pig farm

  • Pig farm

  • Available field

  • Aditional constructions

  • Aditional constructions