Waste Recycling

Food wastes and livestock wastes are used to develop a particular fly specie, namely the black soldier fly. This specie is known to be very voracious, fond of food and livestock waste and amassing many reserves at its larval stage.

The reserves accumulated by the larvae are used on one hand for the energy expenditure related to the metamorphosis of the larva to become a fly. On the other hand, once metamorphosed, the fly does not have any oral organ and does not feed during the adult stage. The fly lives on reserves accumulated in the larval stage. These quantitatively and qualitatively important reserves at the end of the larval stage can be used to improve animal feed and produce animals that are both more muscular and more fatty.

After ingesting food waste, the larvae reject compost, again quantitatively and qualitatively significant. This compost can be used to fertilize soil with great efficiency.

In an evolution of the exploitation of the flies, it may also be envisaged to treat the larvae to obtain, on one hand proteins, and on the other hand an oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and chitosan. The oil can be used for the manufacture of biodiesel, chitosan can be valorized in the medical and paramedical industry.

Nihil creatur, nihil destruitur, omnia evolvuntur.

Cardioprotective Fat

Black soldier fly larvae are a very richsource of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which improves healty developement of farm nimals suchas poultry and pigs. The larvae are a good supplement in animal farming in regards to fatty acids.

Balanced feed

Black soldier fly larvae are a very good source of nutrience procuring a balance died to livestock, in particular poultry and pigs.

And Moreover…

An aditionnal advantage of the balck sordier fly larvae is that they not only move autonomously ou tof the substratum, but they also leave behind an ecological fertilizer, with very interesting sources of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.

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