Monique Tzeuton

Monique is the CEO of Smartfood Agro.

Moniquehas a long experience in custom and port, import and export transactions.

Monique also has a long experience in managing companies in Cameroon as well as directing diverse projects, along with a succesful nework marketing in JM established in Cameroon.

Directing Smartfood Agro was a challenge suitable with her managing abiities, and we entrusted her to implement all aspects our activities.

Ludovic Tzeuton

Ludovic is the marketing and commercial manager of Smartfood Agro.

Ludovic has a successful experience in managing a marketing and service provinding company, “Prestaservice Plus.

Ludovic is the right person to develop the portfolio of Smartfood Agro and establish a choiced place in theafrican food market.